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Drug Conspiracies Lawyers New Jersey

New Jersey Drug Defense Lawyers

Convictions for drug crimes are very serious and can carry lengthy sentences from both federal and state authorities.  In addition, a person accused of involvement in a drug manufacturing or distribution operation that involves more than one person can face criminal conspiracy charges that can add even more years to an already lengthy sentence.

Conspiracy is a separate offense, distinct from other crimes the person allegedly may have committed.  In fact, in many cases a New Jersey conspiracy charge can carry the same sentence as the underlying drug charge.  Under federal law, conspiracy carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.  In addition, all parties to a conspiracy can be criminally liable for any foreseeable crime committed as part of the conspiracy, even if they did not personally participate or have knowledge of it.

Conspiracy charges can be a dangerous aspect of a drug crime trial.  Prosecutors can use a conspiracy charge to pit defendants against one another.  A drug conspiracy charge can also be a fallback option for a prosecutor who is having trouble proving the underlying drug charge.  To substantiate a drug conspiracy charge in New Jersey, the prosecutor must only prove that the alleged conspirators agreed to distribute or manufacture controlled substances.  The prosecutor does not have to prove that the alleged conspirators actually distributed or manufactured drugs or even took any steps toward doing so.

Help from skilled New Jersey criminal defense lawyers

At Arseneault & Fassett, LLP, our federal criminal lawyers in New Jersey have experience defending clients against both state and federal drug charges and the other charges that often accompany them.  We understand the particular problems that can arise when several individuals face accusations of conspiring together.  Our federal criminal defense lawyers are there to protect the best interests of our clients through all phases of the process.

A criminal defense lawyer can be your best ally

If you are charged or are under investigation for a federal or state drug crime, you need to talk to a New Jersey federal criminal defense lawyer.  When accused of conspiracy, it is very easy to incriminate yourself through careless and seemingly inconsequential statements.  Consulting a federal criminal defense attorney in New Jersey as early as possible during the investigation can help you avoid making careless statements that can hurt you down the road.

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