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Yet Another College Basketball Scandal

In June 2013, a former Auburn Tigers point guard was arrested and charged with bribery and conspiracy. Prosecutors allege that 23-year-old Varez Ward attempted to fix several 2012 games in a point-shaving scheme and tried to convince teammates to participate in the plan. In a January 25 matchup against Arkansas, Mr. Ward only played 19 … Read More

New Jersey Man Sentenced In Nun Fraud Case

In August 2013, 55-year-old Adriano Sotomayor of Margate was sentenced to 18 years for his part in a wide-ranging fraud scheme. According to the FBI, Mr. Sotomayor posed as a Catholic priest and convinced an elderly nun in Puerto Rico that she was the beneficiary of a $2.1 million estate, and that she needed to … Read More

More Car Owners Are Giving Up

Authorities have noticed a marked increase in the number of auto insurance fraud cases due to the soft economy. New York has seen a 35 percent in the number of owner give-ups. Some car owners in dire financial straits are willfully destroying their vehicles, and then filing false claims that the vehicles were stolen. For … Read More

Federal Environmental Crimes Carry Stiff Penalties

As a concerned and honorable businessperson, you no doubt want to preserve the Earth’s natural resources as much as possible while conducting your business affairs. With environmental legislation constantly changing, it is almost impossible keep up with the regulations affecting your business — and many violations of such regulations carry heavy fines and other civil … Read More

Money Laundering Explained

A conviction of money laundering carries harsh penalties that can include assets seizure and financial fines. Conviction may even land you with up to 20 years in a state prison and a permanent criminal record. The Patriot Act, which carries even stiffer penalties, can be invoked if links to terrorism are proved. Being suspected of … Read More

White-Collar Criminals In Lockup

Since 2005, United States district judges have had quite a bit more discretion under the Federal Sentencing Act. While intended to eliminate unfair sentences, the decision may have had the reverse impact, at least in white-collar crime cases. Background Congress passed the Sentencing Reform Act in 1984, which gave rise to the United States Sentencing … Read More

Can I Get My Drug Conspiracy Charge Reduced?

The consequences of a drug conspiracy charge are generally more severe than a simple possession charge. A conviction carries stiff penalties, threatens your freedom and reputation, and can have dramatic and long-term effects on your future, career and livelihood. A New Jersey drug conspiracies attorney protects your rights from overzealous prosecution. Provisions added to the … Read More

Real Housewife In Real Trouble

In August 2013, Teresa and Joe Giudice were charged with 39 counts of financial fraud, ranging from tax evasion to mortgage fraud. The couple, who were featured in the Bravo TV reality show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” allegedly falsified their income to obtain eight mortgages on three houses, between 2001 and 2008. Later, … Read More

What NOT to Do When Being Investigated for a White-Collar Crime

Being investigated for a white-collar crime is devastating. Due to the high-profile nature of these charges, prosecutors and the public may treat you as guilty even before a trial begins. If convicted, you face serious jail time and a ruined reputation — you could even be banned from partaking in business with the government or … Read More