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More Car Owners Are Giving Up

Authorities have noticed a marked increase in the number of auto insurance fraud cases due to the soft economy. New York has seen a 35 percent in the number of owner give-ups. Some car owners in dire financial straits are willfully destroying their vehicles, and then filing false claims that the vehicles were stolen. For example, a New York woman claimed that her Trailblazer had been stolen — a recovery team later found the Trailblazer at the bottom of Lake Erie with the keys in the ignition and a rock tied to the pedal. 

Some observers point to the increasing price of gasoline as the driving force behind many of these incidents, while others opine that the vehicles had simply become too expensive for the owners to keep, either because of needed repairs or high payments. 

Insurance fraud 

The New Jersey Attorney General has a special section committed to insurance fraud cases. There is a 24-hour “tip hotline” that allows a caller to remain anonymous, with the possibility of substantial cash rewards. Ironically, New Jersey insurance fraud defense attorneys can sometimes use such aggressive prosecution tactics in your favor and turn the tables on the government prosecutor. 

The Supreme Court may soon consider the question of whether an anonymous tip by itself is sufficient to give police probable cause to pull over an alleged reckless driver. The case could have tremendous implications for the use of “anonymous tips” and other unreliable sources of information that are unaccompanied by any corroborating evidence. 

An insurance fraud prosecution can have serious consequences for both your liberty and your reputation. To partner with an attorney who understands the implications of both these things, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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